Turns out the page boy at Pippa Middleton's wedding isn't as naughty as we all think.

For just a split second, one little boy stole all the attention from the photographers at Pippa Middleton’s lavish English wedding.

No, it wasn’t Prince George (although, let’s be honest, he was by far the cutest thing we’ve ever seen).

It was this mischievous page boy, who stole the show when he was caught picking his nose by onlookers.

kate middleton pippa's wedding
That's one way to get the attention of the press. Image via Getty.

The little rascal - whose identity remains unknown - was also snapped holding up a cheeky sign that many interpreted as a "two-finger salute".

Judging from the Duchess of Cambridge's face, who was charged with keeping the page boys and junior bridesmaids in check (a job we're sure nobody envies), she wasn't too pleased with the young chap's bad behaviour.

naughty page boy Pippa's wedding 2
HIM. Image via Getty.
naughty page boy Pippa's wedding 3
STOP. Image via Getty.

But, it turns out the whole thing may have been a bit of a misunderstanding. The boy in question - who has now shot to viral fame thanks to the snaps - was also photographed holding up three fingers, leading many to believe he was simply counting on his hands.

While we're not sure exactly what the little boy was counting - maybe the number of mismatched men's suits or the number of times he overheard someone ask, "Where's Meghan Markle?" - it seems this means he has been saved from the wrath of the royal family.


Sorry, Prince George.

It seems you are the only boy left in the naughty books after your dress-trampling ways.

george oops
Poor litte George. Image via Getty.