What are your working hours?

Not since I was a checkout chick and then a waitress, have I had a job where I clocked on and clocked off. I often envy people who do. Because the jobs I’ve had have always bled into my non-work life. Now that I’m working with my husband in a small business that is open 24/7 well…..there ARE no lines between work and home. How about you?

According to a report yesterday by Fairfax journalist Rachel Browne…..


More than 20 per cent of Australian workers spend 50 hours or more a week at work and 60 per cent do not take regular holidays. A typical full-time worker performs more than 70 minutes of unpaid overtime a day and Australians have stockpiled more than $33.3 billion in leave, the equivalent to 123 million days.

A survey of 10,000 people to be released this week reveals Australians are becoming increasingly unhappy with their work-life balance.

The Australian Work Life Index, having tracked work-life balance for four years, found a growing number of workers believed extra hours spent at work were interfering with daily life.

Women and those who worked long hours showed the poorest outcomes in the study, conducted by the University of South Australia.

The study found two-thirds of women working full time and half of all the men said they were frequently rushed and pressed for time. Seven out of 10 working mothers reported almost always feeling rushed and under pressure.


// How many hours do you reckon you work per week? And how much of that is overtime? Are you paid for it?

What’s the one thing that would help with your work/life balance?