Shark Tank contestant with genius ice-cream product starts strong before it all went sour.

Ask any lactose-intolerant person what food they miss most, and chances are ice-cream will be pretty high up on the list. It’s delicious, perfect for nights on the couch, available just about everywhere, and sadly, choc-full of dairy.

But enter Alex Houseman, a Sydney-based entrepreneur who has the solution for those in need: a coconut ice-cream that is dairy-free, gluten-free and vegan called Over the Moo.

over the moo ice-cream
Creator Alex Houseman. Source: Channel 10.

According to 28-year-old Houseman, the idea for the ice-cream came to him two years ago, when he and his girlfriend were watching Game of Thrones.

"She was eating ice-cream straight from the tub and having a great time," he said. "I, on the other hand, had nothing. I'm lactose intolerant and so when it comes to enjoying ice cream on the couch, I'm left out in the cold."

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Appearing on Tuesday night's episode of Shark Tank, Houseman reasoned that with $1.1 billion made in Australian ice-cream sales alone, there's now more room than ever for a dairy-free alternative.


"Love the ice cream, hate the valuation," shark Steve Baxter said as he polished off his tub of ice-cream.

Sadly, the sharks weren't biting, taking issue with Houseman's IP ownership agreement and business valuation.

over the moo ice-cream
The judges were huuuuungry. Source: Channel 10.

And while he failed to make a deal, it does seem his hunch is right on the money, with over 300 independent grocers and a number of Woolworths stores throughout Australia now stocking his tubs of deliciousness.

We're guessing that after making its debut on national television to cater to the lactose-intolerant, which is the most common food intolerance in Australia, a lot more people are going to be scanning the frozen section aisle for Over the Moo.

You win some, you lose some, right?