Osher is the real style star of The Bachelor for one key reason you probably had no idea about.

From plunging glitzy gowns to stylish cut out jumpsuits, The Bachelor fashion has certainly been showstopping this season.

But they may have distracted us from the real style star this year – and no, it’s not Richie.

Take a bow, Andrew G Osher Gunsberg.

Game on! Tonight, Richie and the girls get down and dirty in the roller rink. #TheBachelorAU

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From his enviable collection of smart casual shirt and pant combos to how good his, ahem, defined physique, looks when dressed in a suit, Osher is bringing the goods (as well as the date cards). And don’t get us started on his hair.

But there’s one aspect of his outfits that may have escaped your notice. His shoes.

On first glance, they might look like any pair of standard men’s shoes. Sneaker-style for day, simple, black or brown and relatively non-descript dress shoes for night.


Image: Channel 10/Screenshot

But there's something special you wouldn't be able to tell from just one look - they're vegan.

Yes, every single piece of footwear that graces Osher's feet are 100 per cent cruelty free.

While his suits vary designers each episode, all the shoes for the season come from one place, Vegan Style in Melbourne's Fitzroy.


The brand stocks ethically made shoes, handbags and accessories for both men and women, covering everything from sandals to boots and heels. There's no compromising style for ethics either, with plenty of on-trend styles to choose from. (Post continues after video.)

Far from jumping onto a fad, Osher has lived a committed vegan lifestyle for many years.

"After a life of eating meat, meat and more meat, I found myself unemployed at nineteen and unable to afford meat all the time – so I began eating just one meat meal a week. I noticed the change in my body and my mindset pretty quickly," he told The Bondi Organic in 2014.

"At twenty-one, I moved in with my first girlfriend who was lactose intolerant – so I stopped eating dairy. It was slow steps, months or years apart. Chicken was the first to go, then red meat, a few years later fish and finally eggs when I was 28."

Just another reason to love him.

Image: Channel 10/Screenshot

Listen: We dissect all the goss from last night's episode. Post continues after audio.