Mamamia interviews Osher (and asks about his hair).

Osher and hair.

Osher. Oshy. Osh Kosh B’Gosh.

What a legend.

The Bachelor 2014 is only a couple of roses away from wrapping up. If you haven’t read Rosie’s recaps, then you haven’t lived.

Just ask Osher.

We put some questions to our favourite host-with-the-most (hair dye). We grilled him. Gave him a bit of a nudge-nudge. And he floored us with his humour, honesty, and the truth about that shiny helmet of hair.

Mamamia: What goes on in the Bachelor house that we are NOT seeing on air?

Osher: ​As the ladies don’t have access to phones or laptops – from what they tell me, there’s a lot of working out, baking, reading, chatting, eating of the now freshly-baked goods, which is then followed by more working out to work off said baked goods. ​

MM: Have you ever found love or stolen any hearts in the Bachelor house?

Osher: ​Oh goodness no. I’m a professional and would never cross that line. Never ever? Never ever.​

MM: Would you want to meet someone this way?

Osher: ​Nope. I like my job and my career, and it’s worth more to me than a few hours of sex.

​(WELL SAID, OSHER. Point: 1)

MM: Did the rose ceremonies ever get awkward?

Osher: ​Oh goodness yes. So awkward. With this kind of TV, there’s only one chance to capture everyone’s reaction the first time – so often there’s achingly long pauses between when I drop some news, and when I keep talking so that we can cover all of the ladies’ reactions. You see a few quick cuts, but in the room it’s sometimes a minute or two. Because three cameras have to capture up to twenty reactions.

It’s pretty sombre in there. ​


More Osher. More hair.

MM: Which of the girls would be the most fun to invite over for a BBQ?

Osher: ​Rochelle from Season One. The things that she’d say that we couldn’t put to air were priceless. Let’s just say she’s a story to tell about almost everything that will bring you to either tears of joy or tears of pain. ​

MM: If you could pick any of the girls to have a Bachelorette season, who would it be?

Osher: I’d say Ali from Season One. I think Australia would love to see her find the right man. ​

MM: Which celebrity male would you nominate to be the next Bachelor?

Osher: Paul Verehoven. He’s ever so clever and fun. ​Plus he could live-tweet his own journey.

MM: Do you get to hang out with the girls much?

Osher: The nature of the show and the production is such that the only man that they spend time with is Blake. I just whisk in and out, either delivering some news, facilitating at a group date, or doing complex rose-related maths. ​

(GOOD JOKE, OSHER. Point: 3)

MM: We’ve really loved watching you as host. How does the experience compare to Australian Idol?

Osher: Why thank you – I love the job. The Bachelor and Idol are two completely different shows​. Idol was a huge, live, exciting roller coaster that was on at 7:30 and off at 8:35 and then we all sat around catching our breath for a week. The nature of The Bachelor is that it’s shot very differently, but again – you only get one chance to capture the emotional reaction – so the pressure to deliver on the first take is just like as if you were live. It’s a great show to work on.

MM: Which contestants had more to fight over?

Osher: Both shows promise that there’s a different, bigger version of your life to live if you make it to the end. Who wouldn’t want to fight for that?​


Oh My Osh.

MM: You know that us Mamamia girls are obsessed with your glorious hair. What is your secret, Osher??

Osher: My secret is my brilliant Hair and Make up artist Carla Mico. It’s all her. I’m in Amsterdam at the moment and I just cut most of my hair off in fact, because without Carla in my life it’s a bit unmanageable. But I am forty and I have all my own hair so I’m incredibly grateful.

MM: How long does it take for each show?

Osher: I’m sorry to tell you, not that long. Carla is a total pro and whisks me in and out of the chair with a younger man’s face and smashing hair in about twenty five minutes flat. ​

MM: Do you read Rosie’s recaps on the Bach? How do you feel about them?

Osher: Of course I read Rosie’s recaps. To set the record straight – unlike many other men my age, I don’t dye my hair at all. Haven’t put a drop of colour in there since Idol ’09. I’ll even allow a UN inspection team to visit me to verify this claim, and witness the rapid greying of the temples, and the shock of grey above my right eyebrow. I’m going to look like a cranky newspaper editor in a 60’s Marvel comic soon. ​


And finally…

MM:Will you come and hang out with us in the Mamamia office? Will you bring us roses?

Osher: I’d love to hang at the MM offices, and of course I’ll bring you roses. But will you accept them?

Yes we will, Osher. Yes. We. Will.

Blake and Osher: Battle of the hair (clear winner).

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