Osher Günsberg just suffered an awkward fail on Instagram involving his fiancée.

We’ve all done it: seen an image we liked, thought about posting it on our own social media and grabbed a screenshot for our camera rolls.

Most of us remember to crop out those “extra bits” we don’t want when we pop it up onto our own Instagram feeds.

But not The Bachelor host Osher Günsberg.

Earlier today, he posted a now-deleted image to Instagram that appeared to be a screenshot OF A SCREENSHOT and we’re just… We’re just not quite sure how that even happened.

This...this does not look right, Osh. Image via Instagram.

Osher was just trying to show off his beautiful bride-to-be, make-up artist Audrey Griffen, who was snapped on the way to her hen's party celebrations in a selfie she also shared on her own Instagram page.

"My stunning bride-to-be..." Osher captioned his post, which also accidentally included snaps of all the recent images he had taken on his iPhone camera roll. Thankfully, there wasn't anything too intimate.

The goings-on of Osher's camera roll. Image via Instagram.

Some followers were quick to point out that Osher may have also accidentally shown off the wardrobe malfunction of one of his fiancée's friends.

(Considering the image is still live on Audrey's own page, we're guessing it's more of a trick of the camera than a slip of the nip.)

I love this man far more than words can describe. Between @osher_gunsberg, my daughter and family and friends, life is complete ????

A photo posted by Audrey Griffen - Makeup & Hair (@audreygriffen) on


After posting the snap earlier today, the image is now nowhere to be found in his Instagram feed.

Here's hoping it makes a reappearance (albeit correctly cropped) soon.

It really is a lovely snap, Osh. And trust us, we've all had embarrassing Instagram fails of our own.

(Sorry again to that person whose Instagram picture from 78 weeks ago I liked while stalking your feed...Hope you enjoyed your time in Greece!)