Osher Gunsberg pulled a typical dad move except Google got in the way.

Like any responsible Aussie dad, Osher Gunsberg recently tried to warn his  adolescent step-daughter-to-be of the dangers of the carnivorous koala-like “drop bear”.

The unusually large and vicious marsupials, known as the “phascolarctos cinereus”, have been preying on gullible tourists and children in the Australian bush for years, but sadly not any more it seems.

“I was starting to explain to Gigi what drop bears were when mid-sentence she types the phrase into her phone,” the Bachelor host wrote in an Instagram post.

“I died inside.”


Gunsberg, 42,  has been engaged to Gigi’s mother, his partner Audrey Griffin since January 2016 and has clearly taken the role of slightly embarrassing mentor in his stride.

Osher is takes his job as daggy stepdad very seriously. Image via Instagram

"A legend that will no longer be passed down from fathers to children, big siblings to younger siblings, year 12 camp leaders to impressionable year eights," he wrote on Instagram.

"RIP the legend of the drop bear (1788- 2016)."


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