Didn't like Blake and Louise's breakup shoot? Neither did Osher.

Bachelor host Osher Gunsberg has weighed in on the sudden split of Blake Garvey and Louise Pillidge.

Speaking to Brisbane radio hosts Stav and Abby on hit105, Gunsberg shared he was on the set of the latest series when he heard the news.

“We were all sitting around having a lot fun, there was a group date going on, lots of laughs going on with Richie and the ladies and the text came through (saying) ‘Blake and Louise broke up.'”

Gunsberg spoke about his personal dealings with Garvey and Sam Frost and how he used his own heartbreak to relate to their situation.

“I saw what happened with Blake and Sam Frost and I have been through that similar thing where I have been with one woman and “sorry, no, I’ve made the wrong” (decision), reverse park, get out of there …”

Garvey and Pillidge in happier times. Post continues after video…

Video by Channel 10

Gunsberg then sympathised with the couple and their decision to step away from something that wasn’t working.

“They tried so very hard, so very hard and they worked despite everybody saying horrible things and they worked and worked and I was always very happy the two of them eventually found what they were after …”

Source: Facebook.

The couple may have won his sympathy but they weren't spared a comment on the notorious breakup shoot published by New Idea.

“What’s odd is that I have publicly announced a break up, I announced my marriage was ending on Twitter… have you ever seen a breakup photo shoot before?” he asked.

Garvey and Pillidge broke the news of their split in the shoot published by New Idea on Monday.

The 33-year-old auctioneer shared the news with an insight into the pair's final stages.

“We were walking on eggshells around each other, always trying to say the right thing,” he said. “It was suffocating.”

According to Pillidge, Garvey was the one who ended the relationship, but the 28-year-old admitted she had always struggled with the way things began.