Woman dares to appear in public while pregnant... EPIC FAIL.


The criticism of Chris Hemsworth’s wife, Elsa Pataky – at the moment heavily pregnant with twins – and her Oscars outfit, has just become even more deplorable.

E!’s Fashion Police gave a scathing critique of Elsa’s outfit at the Oscars: a clinging, beaded green floor-length gown.

Joan Rivers started the segment, saying, “‘I know why she’s huge. I saw her sonogram” – before showing a photo of Ellen’s famous Oscars selfie.

Co-host George Kotsiopoulos kicked things up to a nastier notch, when he said, “The last thing I wanna do is rip on a pregnant woman… But it’s a horrible dress on her. It doesn’t look like a baby bump, it looks like a beer belly.”

Kelly Osbourne said that the dress wasn’t “appropriate”; and Giuliana Rancic, who said she was a “friend” of Elsa’s, agreed saying, “‘I have to say pregnant or not I just don’t like this dress.”

Previously Mamamia wrote…

Worst dressed at the Oscars. It’s the list no celebrity wants to find themselves on, especially a very pregnant woman in sparkles.

British newspaper The Mirror is being called out for its criticism of a heavily pregnant Elsa Pataky.

For the record, Pataky wore a custom made teal Elie Saab gown, and brought not one but two extra guests with her on the night. The 37-year-old is expecting twins with husband Chris Hemsworth.

The sleuths over at Everyday Sexism picked up on the copy – written by a woman – that read, “From Liza Minnelli’s embarrassing wardrobe malfunction to Elsa Pataky showing us a whole lot of pregnancy belly – these are the epic fails on the night.”

Before you pass judgement on what Pataky wore, the idea here is not that the gown was an epic fashion fail, but that pregnancy is a condition that should be kept discreet. And did I miss the part where we time travelled back to 1965?

Everyday Sexism tweeted at the publication, “So, just to clarify, Daily Mirror, appearing in public whilst pregnant = epic fail?”


The Daily Mirror edited the copy that appeared above the gallery in their article, to read: “From Liza Minnelli’s embarrassing wardrobe malfunction these are the epic fails on the night.”

They also removed Pataky from the gallery of their worst dressed choices, which included Gabourey Sidibe, Glenn Close, Julia Roberts, Liza Minnelli and Anne Sweeney.

For the benefit of anyone who hasn’t been pregnant before – the writer on The Mirror perhaps? – bump dressing is HARD. After several months of carrying around a chunky spare tyre around your waist, a huge bump extends from your torso and refuses to fit into anything you actually want to wear.

Regardless of what you think of her glittery frock, shaming a pregnant woman for the way she dresses is despicable.

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