There's a name for the dress trend that's dominating this awards season.

When you think of domestic cleaning, beautiful shiny people on the red carpet generally doesn’t spring to mind.

Except when it involves this awards season’s hottest fashion trend.

Thanks to Racked, we now have a name to call all of the fringed dresses we saw at the Oscars (and didn’t quite know how to feel about them…)

Enter “brooming”.

It’s pretty much self explanatory, but “brooming” refers to the broom-like silhouette dresses, which are slim-fitting at the top (like a broom handle) and fluffy on the bottom (yes, you guessed it, like a broom head).

And for dresses that are on the fluffier side? Well they fall int the highly appropriate category of “mopping”.

oscars fashion trend
Left: Broom. Right: Mop.

We can hear the sound of women everywhere rejoicing, finally a fashion trend that reflects everyday life!

Aside from maybe, you know, the gazillion dollar jewellery, professional hair and makeup, and exclusive after parties.

Check out the best 'broomed' dresses from this awards season in the gallery below.


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