Pictures from the inside of Oscar Pistorius' prison cell.


A year behind bars is hardly a sufficient sentence for killing your partner, but while South Africa’s Supreme Court debates whether or not to send Oscar Pistorius back to prison to serve a sentence for murder, photos have emerged of the inside of the cell where he was held.

Paul Myburgh, the registrar of the Supreme Court of Appeal, told AAP that no a date was set for the decision, but other news sources have reported the court is currently considering if Pistorius should be charged with murder.

Earlier this week, the Department of Correctional Services invited a group of journalists to visit Kgosi Mampuri II Prison in Pretoria, to give the media an “informed perspective” of living conditions for prisoners.

An image from Pistorius “actual cell” taken by journalist Valeska Abreu and posted on Twitter. Via @Valeska1

It was the first time journalists have been given such a detailed tour of the facilities and the visit lasted for almost three hours.

Several images were posted to Twitter showing Pistouris’ small cell (populated by a single bed, basin and cabinet), his bathroom, the prisoner’s workshop and Wellness Clinic.

Kgosi Mampuri II houses more than 7000 inmates in what the former Paralympian’s lawyers allege are unsanitary and overcrowded conditions.

They also argued that he was at risk of gang rape and may be targeted because of his disability.

Pistorius was released from the prison in August after serving just one year of his five year sentence for culpable homicide over the shooting of his then-girlfriend Reeva Steemkamp.

He is currently serving the rest of his sentence under house arrest at his uncle’s property in central Pretoria, but would return to prison to serve a minimum of 15 years if he is sentenced for murder.