Our favourite members of Young Talent Time. Where are they now?

Before reality TV, before X Factor and Australian Idol, there was….YOUNG TALENT TIME!

Close your eyes and I’ll miss you, tomorrow I’ll kiss you…

Sorry, just having a moment.

If, like me, you grew up watching Young Talent Time you’ll know those song lyrics VERY well.

Young Talent Time hit Aussie TV screens in 1971, before some of us were even born, and ran until 1988. An attempted return in 2012 just didn’t have the magic of the original series so we are left with our memories of the original show.

Boy did we all have stars in our eyes.

What made the show so special was the feeling that any of us could be on the show and that the performers were just like us. They weren’t the best looking kids (although some of them were), they weren’t the most talented kids (although some of them certainly were), they were children just like us who we could see ourselves being friends with.

Let’s step back in time, ‘spirit fingers’ at the ready to revisit Young Talent Time and find out, Where Are They Now?

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