Is that how you spell Elisabeth now?

Want to make an ‘ordinary’ name extraordinary? Easy, just spell it like this…

Picking a baby name is a tricky task. You don’t want a name that reminds you of the bully at school, or the guy you first dated and broke your heart. And you definitely don’t want to name your kid after the girl in school who made you cry.

So you resort to searching for names you’ve never heard of, and that gets pretty hard – unless you have only met five people in your entire life.

So what’s the next logical step?

Well, maybe it’s not logical… but for many parents, the next step is taking an ordinary name, disabling spell check on your computer and going for it.

This is what these parents did – and I don’t think they put too much thought into it. First, their children’s friends, children’s teacher and anyone else will forever think these parents have no ability to spell. Second, they’ve just helped their child fail at their first spelling task of their life – spelling their name.

Here are some examples of the unspelling of common names that have actually been recorded on birth certificates. And if you can figure out how to say all of them, you get a gold star.

CLICK THROUGH the gallery to see the creative name spelling (and if you are on a mobile phone, the answer is below the pic):

Have a creatively spelled name? We want to hear it.

Want more? Try:

“Hideous”? “Ugly”? How can any parent call a baby names?

The most “original” baby names. Ever.

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