Your 'original' baby name is so boring compared to these.

Thought creative baby names are a new thing. Nope. They aren’t.

We’ve done many posts about original baby names.

Some are okay, to be truthful, Apple is growing on me. And some started out as weird, are now trending, like Brooklyn.

But here we are, 21st Century parents, thinking we are all hip and cool and young and original with our baby names.

Well, guess what? You aren’t original.

Your idea to give your baby an original name is so old. To be exact, over 100 years old.

You see, there was once a group of parents in the 1880s who were far more original than any of you could ever be (but don’t worry you still have the style factor in originality).

Fraser & Fraser in London pulled together the birth records from the 19th century to list the 10 most original baby names in the UK. Partner at the firm, Neil Fraser told Daily Mail, “Our genealogists get to look through hundreds of thousands of birth, death and marriage records. We have been pulling them out of records for the past 40 years and some of them are quite brilliant and hilarious.”

Brilliant and hilarious they are, but only if you aren’t the poor kid as the names are guaranteed to cause playground bullying.

CLICK THROUGH the gallery to see the very very original names…but we don’t recommend you use them as inspiration.


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