Orgasmic meditation is a thing now because, well, why not?






You’ll need a yoga mat, some pillows, a towel and some lube.

You’ll need someone who is willing to get their hands dirty lube-y.

You won’t need too much time. It only takes about 15 minutes.

And unlike in regular meditation, you are unlikely to fall asleep in the middle of it.

That’s because it is orgasmic meditation and the object in focus is – drumroll, please – your clitoris.

Orgasmic Meditation (OM for short) is based on the idea that women are generally deprived of orgasm in their lives – and by practicing OM, they will be restored to their natural human state – “the state of connection”. Connection to what exactly, we are not quite sure. Life? Their partner? Their clitoris?

Importantly, OM is not to be confused with masturbation. This is because OM has to be something that someone else does for you. They are called a “Stroker”, and they can either be your partner or a stranger. (Imagine looking at someone’s resume and seeing the word “Stroker”. Wow.)

Okay, enough giggling and funny-face-pulling, because it’s time to get down to the facts.

A still from a how-to Orgasmic Meditation video

The Stroker sits up while you lay spreadeagled, sans-pants, across their lap. (The Stroker keeps their pants on. Hands only, thanks.) The room needs to be well-lit so they can actually find your clitoris.

They start by describing what they see – the colour, the shape, the texture. Then you start to meditate, and they stroke away. For 15 entire minutes.

You probably have questions. We did too.

Isn’t this just foreplay? Why are we calling foreplay something different?

This is not foreplay. Foreplay is named because it generally leads to something more, and the idea of OM is that nothing happens with the stroker once the 15 minutes are up – the woman simply experiences clitoral pleasure and therefore finds a new meaning of life. Hopefully.


So what do the strokers actually get out of it?

US Cosmo interviewed not one, not two, but three strokers, and each of them gave different reasons. One said that the biggest benefit is “learning how a woman’s body feels and works and consequently, learning how a woman works.” Another said that it helped him to become “more relaxed and confident, and comfortable around women”. The third said that he now knows that sex is “not just about penetration and climax”.

TurnedON women, from the OM website.

What do the women get out of it?

According to the website – increased “vitality, energy and libido”, better communication and reduced stress. Oh, and orgasms.

How does this stroking happen, exactly?

Back to the US Cosmo interview. One of the so-called Master Strokers gave details: “In terms of the actual technique, the woman will lie down and the man will sit by her side and use his left index finger and he’ll very gently pull the hood back and very, very gently come in direct contact with her clitoris. It’s a very tiny, light, short stroke. It’s almost like he’s not trying to get something to happen, he’s just feeling to feel.”

Will strangers actually stroke your clitoris?

Yes. Yes they will. You just have to find yourself an OM partner through the online community, which you can do so – should the desire strike you – here. But there’s no money exchanged, so don’t give up your day job just yet.

In case you have more questions – just watch this video. It will probably answer them:

Would you ever try orgasmic meditation?