Fans have noticed a compelling story clue in the new Orange Is The New Black trailer.


The recently released trailer for Season Five of Orange Is The New Black has made fans question whether the season will begin with a death.

The clip for the Netflix series opens to Daya (Dascha Polanco) pointing a gun at corrections officer Thomas Humprey (Michael Torpey). The inmates jostle around the pair in a circular formation.

Tension builds as they shout for her to pull the trigger. Daya is hesitant, anxious and shaking as she steadies her aim.

Daya repeatedly asks for the inmates to be quiet. (Source: Netflix.)

Piper (Taylor Schilling) and Alex (Laura Prepon) appear moments later and begin walking towards the shouting crowd.

"We're laying low and we're staying out of trouble," Piper says.

“That’s right,” Alex says. “If this is trouble, we turn around and we walk the other way. We are out of the business.”

Alex and Piper are unable to see the true horror of what lay ahead. (Source: Netflix.)

Although Piper and Alex are obstructed from seeing the situation they are fast approaching, it becomes clear it is no regular fight.


“If this is real riot, do you think this is a step forward or backward for equality?” Piper asks.

“I don’t care,” Alex replies. “And we’re getting out of here now — come on.”

Here's everything you need to know about the new season of Orange is the New Black.

Darkness descends on the screen and a shot rings out. There is a strange noise that immediately follows the shot. It could be a body falling or it could be something else entirely. It is unclear.

The mystery surrounding the shot has caused fans to come up with some wildly believable and wildly unusual theories to explain it.

One fan on YouTube, believed Daya shot the ceiling. This theory was supported by over a thousand others before it was suggested that shooting the ceiling causes it to cave in and kill Thomas regardless.

This theory was further debated by fans who said they can hear 'blood splatter'. But even this idea was contested by others who believed the sound could be a pipe bursting in the ceiling.

Tastee is standing behind Thomas and to the left. (Source: Netflix.)

Another popular theory is that Daya shoots Thomas but also hits popular character Tastee as a result.

This theory is supported by the close placement of the inmates when they're surrounding the guard.

Linda becomes Joe Caputo's girlfriend in Season 4. (Source: Netflix.)

The most interesting theory to come out is that Daya is shot by the prisons's Director of Purchasing Linda Ferguson (Beth Dover).

"She was probably shot by Linda, who if you remember was in the woman's bathroom when this was all taking place. She carries a pistol in her purse," the fan wrote.

Linda entered the series in Season Three and became the girlfriend to infamous guard Joe Caputo. Fans will remember how she forced Crystal Burset off Joe's property at gunpoint.

Another fan suggested Daya was overcome by the intensity of the situation and shot herself.

The new season is said to start after the untimely death of a central character at the end of Season Four. Season Five is said to take place over three days in the prison.

The new season of Orange Is The New Black will drop on Netflix on June 9.

Do the theories change how you see the clip? Comment below if you have your own theory as to what will happen. 

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