Orange is the New Black Star says she was raised in a cage.

Orange is the New Black star Kate Mulgrew has spoken out about her unusual childhood saying her parents were forced to raise her in a cage until the age of four due to a rare medical condition.

Best know for her role as the tough kitchen boss,Galina ‘Red’ Reznikov, Mulgrew told Scottish talk show host Lorraine Kelly that in addition to being born with teeth, she also had no sense of pain until the age of four, which is what led to the cage.

“They [Mulgrew’s parents] built me a little cage because I had no sense of pain until I was four years old. So I was born with teeth and I had no sense of pain. Shakespeare would have had a field day,” she said smiling. “It’s a witch, that’s what a witch is,” she said continuing.

orange is the new black red

Mulgrew plays Red in  Orange is the New Black. Source: Netflix / Youtube.

The revelations of Mulgrew's childhood first came to light in the 61-year-old actress' memoir, Born with Teeth. 

While Mulgrew did not say if her inability to feel pain was diagnosed, according to medical website Medline, approximately one in every 2,000 - 3,000 babies are born with natal teeth.

orange is the new black red

Mulgrew at the Season 4 launch of Orange is the New Black. Source: Getty Images. 

During her interview with Kelly, Mulgrew also spoke about the upcoming season of Orange is the New Black and the runaway success of the Netflix series, saying that one of the reasons people love it so much is because of the realness.

"We're so used to looking at television and watching people who are so far above us we can't possibly relate to them," Mulgrew said. "And anyway, why would you want to? They're too perfect to look at, they're too perfect to listen to.

"These women [on 'OITNB'], they've made a lot of mistakes and they're trying to rectify them. Mostly, they're trying to survive under these very appalling circumstances, and they're doing it with as much beauty and depth and compassion as they can."

The new season of Orange is the New Black returns to Netflix on 17 June.

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