VIDEO: 25 years of Oprah Winfrey's hair.

Even the Queen of talk-shows is capable of making poor choices…

Oprah was queen of television from 1986-2011.

And on top of her queen head, sat an impressive crown of ever-evolving hair.

First, she was fuzzy.

Gale told her she looked like she’d stuck her finger in a socket.

In 1988 she had a french roll. In 1995, she cut her hair into a sleek bob, and it became a front-page news story.

But we barely remember her like this, in 1997:

She briefly tried the long locks when Madonna appeared on the show and encouraged her to mix things up a bit (it’s a wig).

Oprah looks back on her hairstyles with a sense of humour. Best of all, she looks at the bad choices and wonders: Why didn’t someone tell me?

We hear you, Oprah. We hear you.