Oprah's Favourite Things will break your favourite credit card.


Lucky Oprah‘s one of the richest women in the world.

She spends A LOT on Christmas.

Our favourite Queen Of The World network owner Oprah Winfrey has released her list of Favourite Things for Christmas. It’s an Oprah tradition. Usually, back in her talk-show hosting days, it came with a lot of screaming from the audience going home with thousands of dollars worth of free crap.

But now, it’s up to us to just buy it through her website with a cheerful discount. Great news, and great of her to organise it… but some of it is a liiiiiitle pricey.

In fact, if you were to buy all the 72 items, it would set you back $13,054, according to Jezebel.

Some things are good and cheap. Yuletide bargains.

Others… well, we won’t be rushing to give our credit card deets.

Unless your dog needs a a $445-$710 dog bed with a custom portait from Charles Hadin Home?

“These cushy dog beds, made with hypoallergenic fiberfill, have washable covers printed with custom portraits. Small dogs, like my Sadie, Sunny, and Lauren, prefer beds with bolster sides; large ones, like my Luke and Layla, are partial to flat. Originally $445 to $710.”


How about some cream and some socks? $144 from Footnanny. Or… you know… $15 from Big W, probably.


Chocolates that spell words. $70 to spell ‘expensive’, from Maggie Louise Confections.



How about a $150 7-kilo loaf of bread from Eli Zabar? That’s a lot of dough.

It’s probably fancier than this bread..

Other things on the list include $700 golden headphones, a $500 electronic tablet/projector, some expensive clothes and jewellery, and a couple of cheap things like a headband.


But really… we’ll do anything you tell us to, Oprah. Love you.


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