Open Post: What's happening in your world?

Yosemite, one of the most beautiful places in the world. I would know, because after being to one whole country that isn’t Australia, I’m basically a travel expert.






Welcome to this week’s Open Post – the place where we sit down and take a breather from our frantic lifestyles and talk about anything and everything.

It’s like a coffee catch-up with your friends, except in this case your friends may be strangers on the other side of the country who you’ve never met. But that’s okay, pour yourself a cuppa and join the discussion!

On the topic of advice, I’m going to throw it out there to the readers. I do need some help. I’m pondering whether the time has come to break-up with someone. Not a partner though (I quite happily lead a single and ready to pringle lifestyle) – it’s a friend.

I haven’t really been in the sticky situation of a friendship break-up since high-school, so this feels like dangerous territory. However I’m starting to face the cold, hard reality that sometimes you just have to cut negative and untrustworthy people out of your life. I want to be able to deal with this in the most sensitive way possible, so if you’ve had to say goodbye to a toxic friendship before, any advice is appreciated.

On a happier note, I’ve been bitten by the travel bug. I recently got back from an amazing three week trip to America and am in the process of planning my next trip. And because it won’t be until sometime in 2014 (to give my malnourished bank account time to look healthier), I’m definitely open for travel suggestions.

Finally, a quick heads up that today we’re launching a new post on Mamamia. For the next few days we’ll be bringing you a happy, funny, or cute viral video every day at 3pm thanks to AussieBodies protein bars. This is about helping you get through that afternoon procrastination hump and giving you the energy to make it through to 5pm. You’re welcome.

Time to throw it over to you! What’s been happening in your world?