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Last week I was down in Canberra to host a webinar (you can see it here if you’re interested) for the Department of Human Services. Afterwards, I met some of the people from the department including Hannah who blew my mind:

Mia with Hannah

You see, in her spare time, Hannah is a nail blogger. I didn’t know there was such a thing either. I clearly need to get out more. But Hannah paints her nails in the most extraordinary designs most days. “But how do you do your other hand?” was the first question I asked her. “Practice,” she shrugged before showing me this special nail she’d painted just for the occasion of meeting me:

Mamamia nails!

The Mamamia logo colours! Well hot damn if this girl is not supremely clever and very very sweet. Of course I then had to immediately follow her on Instagram and Facebook (and another blogger who writes about healthy food called @FitHealthyMade and blogs at where I got lost in all sorts of incredible nail art.

Check this out:

Over to you – what’s going on in your world?

Light blue and pink butterfly illustration. You click, we help. Shooting star illustration.

Mamamia is funding 100 girls in school, every day.

So just by spending time with Mamamia, you’re helping educate girls, which is the best tool to lift them out of poverty.

Thanks for helping!

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