Open post of the week. What's on your mind?


Last week I was down in Canberra to host a webinar (you can see it here if you’re interested) for the Department of Human Services. Afterwards, I met some of the people from the department including Hannah who blew my mind:

Mia with Hannah

You see, in her spare time, Hannah is a nail blogger. I didn’t know there was such a thing either. I clearly need to get out more. But Hannah paints her nails in the most extraordinary designs most days. “But how do you do your other hand?” was the first question I asked her. “Practice,” she shrugged before showing me this special nail she’d painted just for the occasion of meeting me:

Mamamia nails!

The Mamamia logo colours! Well hot damn if this girl is not supremely clever and very very sweet. Of course I then had to immediately follow her on Instagram and Facebook (and another blogger who writes about healthy food called @FitHealthyMade and blogs at where I got lost in all sorts of incredible nail art.

Check this out:

Over to you – what’s going on in your world?