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At Jess Rudd’s book launch with the Ruby Blues author

It’s Open Post time where we share what’s on our minds. Ready?

Taking a look at that shot for the first time AFTER we hit ‘publish”, maybe I should start calling this The Weekly Post Where People Ask If I’m Pregnant And I Say No, That’s Just How My Stomach Looks.

But it may really be time to buy some control underwear. In my head, I looked totally different. Anyway. I have a tummy.

Moving forward.

I’ve been thinking about technology a lot this week. I’ve been doing a lot of updating of software, syncing and all that stuff that does your head in in that very particular way only technology can. Hold me.

At one point, my 3 year old found an Apple sticker in one of my old computer boxes and stuck it on the front of his cubby house. “I have an Apple Store” he told his grandmother when she came to visit. “Oh Remy, that’s lovely!” she exclaimed. “Can I buy some apples for my afternoon tea?” Blink blink. “No Nanna, don’t be silly, this store is to fix computers. Is your computer broken?” Ah. THAT kind of Apple store.

Hmm. Someone’s mother may or may not have been spending too long in the Apple store with a small child in tow.

From computers to ACTUAL fruit, I’ve switched from eating cereal for breakfast to smoothies. Something about the warmer weather, boredom with the same ol’ same ol’ every morning and a genuine desire to eat less processed food and more nutrients. And a Vitamix (super blender thingy) I received for my birthday which intimidated me at first but I’m slowly but surely bonding with.

So now that my sister-in-law is a health coach and one of my good friends is a born-again health evangelist, the idea of kale as something you eat rather than something you see in a fishtank has penetrated my consciousness. And, it turns out, my fridge.

The Green Smoothie I’ve been making for breakfast

Yes, I bought some kale and I’m EATING IT. IN SMOOTHIE FORM. I’ve been reading a bit about Green Smoothies on Louise’s Table Tonic blog and have recently learned that there are dozens of websites devoted to the art of the Green Smoothie. Yes, there’s an art. Apparently.

For me, it’s less of an art and more of a work in progress. Well, if by progress you mean I don’t have to throw it out after one sip anymore.

Louise told me frozen bananas would be my friend (peel them first she advised) so I bought some, froze them and now chuck one into the blender with coconut water, chia seeds, some berries, kale, some nuts and whatever else healthy I can find (today I got all excited and bought flaxseed oil and super-greens powder and something else I can’t pronounce).

In my typical ridiculous overboard style, I have become determined to cram as much of my local health food emporium into my Vitamix as possible. Then drink it.

I’ll let you know how that goes but my biggest challenge has been transporting it to work. My smoothies no longer need to be eaten with a knife and fork anymore – add liquid! who knew! – but they’re still pretty thick. Which I like.

But they take time to eat/drink. And I’m always rushing out the door to drop kids at school and get to work. This week I’ve been using one of Remy’s sippy cups. Which, when someone at work saw it on my desk, prompted the enquiry: “Why do you have a sippy cup of vomit on your desk?”

So. Your week. Your life. Your breakfast. How goes things?

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How’s your week going? What’s on your mind?

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