Open post: What's been happening in your world?

Hamilton Island is a bit pretty.







I’m going to let you in on a secret here, sometimes I shy away from taking the reins on Mamamia’s Open Post because well, my life is just not that interesting. There’s only so many things you can write about sleep deprivation and spending your weekends at park playgrounds but reserve your pity for a second because something exciting DID happen.

I was invited along to check out some Collette Dinnigan frocks on Hamilton Island (I know, I know, I’m sorry). As part of the 30th anniversary of Raceweek (there were boats ‘nstuff) Dinnigan showed her Resort 14 Collection at Qualia – a fancy pants resort – the only place she shows outside of Paris.

Aussie glamorzionan model Alexandra Agoston – seriously, the girl’s about seven foot tall – opened and closed the show and walked on what seemed like the longest runway ever (I’ll have to consult with the Guiness book of records later) and sitting front row I had to quickly become versed in what not to do.

For example:

1) Sit with your knees together, don’t lose focus on this because that one time you do a photographer will snap a shot of a beautiful dress and there you are in the background showing off your spanx.

2) Don’t pick your nose or do anything other than look amazed but amazed without too much facial movement.

3) Gasp when glamozionan model Alexandra Agosoton ends the show in a floor-length gunmetal metallic lace dress. This is very important.

4) Don’t compare your Zara dress or Topshop wedges to anything anyone else is wearing.

5) Feel slightly validated about your shoes when Collette Dinnigan picks that shoe (raffia flatform wedges) to send down the catwalk.

6) Do not stare directly at Asher Keddie like a crazy stalker. Do your best to maintain an elusive nonchalance around famous people you greatly admire.

Here are some snaps (plus others) I took and I apologise for the Hot Dog Legs image, I couldn’t resist:

Over to you, what’s happening in your world?