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Anyone read Gone Girl?

I’m hearing it’s like THE book to read at the moment.

I have a copy sitting in a suitcase at the end of my bed (ready for a holiday which seems to be taking all the days and all the nights to arrive) and it’s taking everything I have not to pick it up and devour it.

And I swear the universe is trying to make me fail at this task. Everywhere I go, I see that black and fluorescent orange cover. A woman on the train was reading it on the way to work this morning. There’s a copy sitting on Nicky’s desk next to me waiting for her to take it home.

The ridiculous thing here is that I have plenty of other perfectly good books sitting next to my bed acting as coffee coasters; books that I’ve read maybe a few chapters of, only to be distracted by something like Game of Thrones or Candy Crush Saga.

Anyone else do that? Start a book and then get distracted when something shiny comes along? I swear I have the attention span of an excited puppy these days. Last night I found Khaled Hosseini’s new book in the house (I didn’t even know he had a new book!) and was thisclose to starting it when my boyfriend politely suggested I finish one of the other coffee coaster books first.


Let’s move on, shall we?

In other (much more exciting) news, we’ve very excited to announce the winner of Mamamia’s Political Blogger Idol.

And that winner is… Scott Limbrick! Scott wrote a fantastic piece of political satire about Government advertising in the lead up to an election campaign (which you can read here.)

Scott’s won a set of steak knives (kidding!) and a retainer contract with Mamamia for the period of the election campaign (usually 33 days).  And if the Government would hurry up and announce an election date, Scott might be able to get on with the job.

Congrats Scott – and thanks again to everyone who entered and voted.

That’s it from me. And now it’s your turn.

What’s happening with you?