This woman used only lipstick to make up her entire face.

Beauty vloggers have been busy seizing on a challenge to do up their entire face using only lipstick, and we reckon we’ve just found the winner.

YouTuber Amy Macedo kick-started the trend two weeks ago, gathering nearly 1 million views, citing that while the look is “obviously” not wearable, it was “really fun to do”.

Nikkie de Jager who runs the popular channel Nikkie Tutorials has since accepted the challenge with serious gusto. Her efforts have attracted more than 1.8 million views.

And despite her face feeling “super tacky and sticky” after lathering it with a stash of 16 liquid lipsticks, she looks seriously stunning.

She says one of the hardest things about using lipstick is that it dries fast — so you have to blend uber quickly.


For her foundation, she had to work in small patches.

Her brows didn’t go quite to plan, ending up with uneven arches she couldn’t fix because the formula had stuck.

Her eyes however look phenomenal, using a mix of three metallic lipstick shades for a pink smokey eye.

By the end, Nikkie had a total 16 of lipstick shades on her face.

She does provide some insight on how exactly that feels: “It feels very dry and tightening.”

Overall, she absolutely killed it. We’re all very convinced by the power of lipstick.