'It didn't say an INFANT'S size six': 16 women share their biggest online shopping fails.

If ‘online shopping’ was a person, it would no doubt be like Dan Humphrey (AKA Penn Badgley) from Gossip Girl.

It’s great in theory. There’s always something new and cute that captures your interests. There’s never a dull moment and they’re even nice enough to offer you free shipping. So kind.

So you spend more time getting to know the products, and finally, you’re hooked. You go through checkout and wait patiently for it to arrive, then realise that no. The internet lied.

And really, there’s no greater betrayal.

Cheap online shopping disasters. Because if it’s too good to be true, chances are, it is. Post continues below.

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Online shopping – be it for clothes, homewares, or heck, even groceries – is a minefield. And one that makes us very thankful for the concept of free returns.

Here are 16 examples of when the item we ordered via our screens certainly wasn’t the thing which showed up.

1. #tallpeopleproblems


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2. This isn’t quite what fashion mags mean when talking about a ‘statement’ shoe.


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Online shopping hazards. Not quite a pair.#welldone#ASOS#ASOSFAIL

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3. This does not fit our ‘activewear and brunch’ needs.


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Online shopping expectation vs. reality. Did someone say yoga? Just wait while I put on my drop crotch leggings which will also be handy if I need to switch into a spontaneous hammer time. I thought it would be cute to get a set of matching yoga pants for me and my mini. Apparently the people selling them thought it would be cute to send me something entirely different. Seriously, dafaq? ???? If you’ve seen the pop up ads and been tempted to buy some fun leggings then I suggest you let me be your crash test consumer dumbass on this one – just don’t, don’t do it. Meanwhile I have a great giveaway comp for a matching set of watermelon print harem pants coming your way… ???????? #cleaneatsfromafilthymouth #onlineshoppingfail #yogapjs #stophammertime #dropcrotchdelights #yoga #dafaq #samesamebutdifferent #suckedin #retailfail #dontdrinkandshop

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4. Conversely, #shortpeopleproblems.

5. We’ve been led astray.


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her tinder photos Vs first date reality ???????????? #onlineshoppingfail #ithinkitsthesocks

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6. Surely someone could have sense-checked this?

7. Lost in translation?


8. Clothes should come with a disclaimer for people with big boobs.

9. When the ‘granny chic’ cardigan you ordered is more ‘granny’ than ‘chic’.

What I got looks like a ‘granny cardi’. It now has a permanent spot on my work chair for when it’s bloody freezing in the office. It’s basically a blanket to me.

online shopping fails
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10. We should have learnt this in maths tbh.

11. The entire internet is determined by 'chaos theory'.

12. When the term 'bodycon' is relative.


13. Apple pie anyone?

14. Talk about an optical illusion.


15. Turns out... you can get pasta wrong.

16. It's all in the fine print.

What's been your worst online shopping fail? Tell us in a comment below.

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