'Excuse me, men on dating apps, but 32 is not too old to be hot.'

I recently rejoined Hinge, and in the midst of my own self-loathing, I forgot to update my age preference. As a result, I had an influx of messages from guys ranging from 18 to 54 years old.

Me, I’m 32. I don’t look older than 32 and I don’t look much younger either. I kinda look the exact same as I did at 29. I didn’t turn 30 and suddenly lose all the elasticin and collagen in my face.

I put my phone away and returned a few minutes later (hey, I’m addicted) to 69 notifications (hey, my lucky number!).

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What the hell? 30-something guys just aren’t that keen; they’re in high demand and they know it. 

They can (and do) send messages like “HRU” (an acronym for ‘How Are You’) and “Doing?” (short for ‘How Are You Doing’).

I read the first comment: “I hope age is just a number.” I looked at his profile. I would definitely date a 57-year-old Brad Pitt, but this guy looked like he could be Brad Pitt’s (adoptive) father. But good on him for trying! But also, no.

I kept swiping and then stopped.

“Nothing about you is 32 👀🥵”

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I was suddenly more like 🤬 than 🥵. My first thought was, “How dare this pipsqueak of a man child insinuate that I’m too hot to be over 30.”


Look, I get it. 

He’s probably inexperienced with temperamental 32-year-old women (it’s important to be self-aware!) and he mistakenly thinks this is a compliment. 

This is not about him. This is about the fact that we are brainwashed into believing that women’s looks somehow magically deteriorate after we turn 30.

But men, no no, they just get better with age. I mean, Brad Pitt’s dad probably actually thought he was in with a chance.

This stuff really riles me up, because being over 30 is f**king amazing. I have literally never been happier or hotter.

32 isn’t old. 32 is young. 32 is hot. 32 is 20 years younger than JLo (52 is also hot, by the way). 32 is the best mix of emotional maturity and hotness. Being over 30 is, by definition, 🥵.

I posted this guy’s Hinge message to my Instagram Stories (hey, I’m addicted!), and here were the responses I got from women over 30:

  • I’m 33 and hotter than I was at 32. Can’t wait to be 34.
  • I’m 32, and definitely feel like I’m at my physical peak! Just feels sexy for some reason.
  • Yesssss! I’m 38 in October and so bloody happy. And hot AF.
  • Yes same here! And having the best sex of my life.
  • I love myself at 35. Finally comfortable in my body and honestly feel I’m hotter than ever.
  • I’m also 32 and literally the hottest I’ve ever been and I will tell everyone that. And I get that comment allllllll the time.
  • I’m 38 and I legit feel more sexy than I ever have in my life.
  • 40s have been my best yet! I give no f**ks, I know what I want and what is important. My 20s were a shitshow. I would never want to go back.
  • Separated from my husband at 40, now 43 and having the time of my life with a younger lover. Our chemistry and communication are off the charts!
  • Just turned 40. The hottest, most adventurous phase of my life so far.

If you’re currently in your late 20s dreading the small 3–0, it’s because you’ve been brainwashed into believing that you and your desirability are about to go drastically downhill. It’s bullshit.

Like me, you are about to ASCEND to the peak of your hotness.

Everything about me is 32 👀🥵.

Don’t dread turning 30. Get f**king excited.

This post originally appeared on Medium and has been republished with full permission. 

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