The only accessories you need to get through winter.

From hats and scarfs to boots and bags, this week’s Cheap and Chic is a round up of all the accessories you’ll need for the cooler months.

I’m forging new ground this winter and upping my accessories game to include pieces I’ve never worn before. I’m just an adventurer like that.

I’m done with umbrellas, it’s raincoats instead. Beanies are dead to me, I’ll only be wearing hats for head warmth. And for the first time ever I have bought a pair of gloves.

Here’s my list of the accoutrements that you need in your life.

1. Pastel trim clear plastic rain coat from Topshop.

My life has changed since I embraced raincoats. No more fighting with umbrellas flipped inside out by the wind. No more struggling to stuff a sodden mess into it’s case. I just slip into my handy raincoat and get around like it’s not even pouring. AND they add an extra layer of warmth. Winner.

RRP $60.00

2. Witchery fedora from David Jones.

This will keep your head just as warm as a beanie, but is much less ‘Hello, I am a 16-year-old wearing a beanie’. Kate Moss is one of my all-time favourite style icons, and she’s rarely seen without her trusty fedora… I’m happy to take her lead.

RRP $79.95

3. Marc by Marc Jacobs crosby quilt nylon cosmetic case from David Jones.

Yes, this is a makeup case, but I will be using it as a clutch. There is method to my madness – makeup cases are more durable, they are made to be around water (you can wipe them down!) and they’re also generally cheaper (meaning I can get a Marc Jacobs “clutch” for less than $60!).

RRP $59.97

4. Large check cape from French Connection.

Who in their right mind wouldn’t want to wear a blanket-like cape that warms you and looks good?! Get one in a neutral shade so you can throw it over everything.

RRP $69.95


5. Zip detail glove from Witchery.

I’ve never been a glove person, I associated them with my grandma and Sherlock Holmes. Then, one particularly cold morning, I slipped my frozen hands into a pair and I’ve never looked back – sooooooo toasty. Leather versions are polished enough to be worn with anything. You won’t regret it.

RRP $39.95

6. Ultra light down quilted vest from Uniqlo.

Vests. Another winter game-changer. I want to get this style in loads of different colours, it’s like a coat and scarf in one.

RRP $79.90

7. Body chic t-shirt bra from Triumph.

When you’re buried under 27 layers of clothing, you want your bra to be really comfortable. This is the best I’ve found so far.

RRP $59.95

8. Hansel from Bagsel zig zag bag from Incu.

Fits everything. Can be thrown in the wash when dirty. Straps are wide, so it’s comfortable to carry. The end.

RRP $45.00

9. Mimco tribeatle scarf from David Jones.

Because winter doesn’t need to about boring block colours. Fun is still allowed.

RRP $69.95

10. Spurr lace up ankle boots from The Iconic. 

Less than $30, people!!!!!! Run.

RRP $29.98

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