"I felt like I was having my own day spa moment": 13 women test the One of a Kind Wax Range.

One of a Kind
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Let’s be real, hair removal isn’t the thing on our to-do list we most look forward to. It also seems to be a rule of life that those appointments tend to fall at the most inconvenient times on our calendar. 

That’s why I absolutely love home waxing kits. Not only do I get to do it while listening to my favourite podcast, I can also do it at a time that suits me — whether that’s 10 PM on a Wednesday night or 8 AM on a Saturday morning. 

So, obviously, when I heard about the One of a Kind Wax Range, I was immediately intrigued. Not only does it make hair removal convenient, it doesn’t skimp on quality. 

The range includes the One of a Kind Wild Cherry Wax Beads, the One of a Kind Wax Melting Pot and the One of a Kind Face and Body Applicator

They have completely changed the waxing game, leaving your skin feeling soft and hair-free, all from the comfort of your own home. It's exclusively available at Coles, making it easy to add onto your next grocery shop.  

They're also free from parabens and sulphates, dermatologically tested, responsibly sourced and cruelty free. So you can feel good about using them too.

To find out if this magic wax is worth the hype, we asked Mamamias You Beauty Panel to trial the One of a Kind Wax Range and give us their verdict.

And here's what impressed us most: A whopping 83 per cent of the panel would recommend it to their family and friends. Talk about game changing.

Here's exactly what they had to say about the range.


Fiona, 49: "The smell was gorgeous."

"It glided on easily and I could remove it cleanly in one go. It left no redness, just smooth skin. The silicone cup was also wonderfully easy to clean at the end.

"The applicator sticks came in a range of useful sizes and the smell was gorgeous (like fruity incense). I waxed my own forearms and lower legs. I also waxed my husband's calves. I would highly recommend."

Image: Supplied. Dani, 33: "Similar to a salon treatment."

"Very easy to use. I have my own wax pot but I found using the silicone pot in the microwave so quick and easy. The small beads also allow you to use as much as you need.


"I also really liked the size of the products, the ease of application and the overall result, which was similar to a salon treatment."

Chloe, 28: "I loved the formulation of the product."

"I loved the formulation of the product. I have previously used at-home waxing products and have found them either to be not effective, painful to use, or just get stuck in the hair. This product actually worked!"

Image: Supplied.


Marianne, 35: "My own day spa moment."

"Okay, so compared to the wax strips I used back in the day, this is a 1000000000000% improvement. It was effective too — I felt like I was having my own day spa moment.

"It was so easy to use. A really hygienic way of applying and the cleanup was not messy at all."

Lily, 28: "So easy to use!"

"This product was so easy to use! A small amount of wax beads provided a lot of melted wax which was great.

"The wax drys relatively quick and does not snap or break off. The scent is also soft and fresh without being overpowering."

Image: Supplied.


Sarah, 34: "Easy to use and didn’t hurt."

"I was apprehensive initially as I have only used wax a few times and it’s often been messy or I’ve been unable to get it off. One of a Kind Wax was simple to put together and was easy to use on my legs.

"It also didn’t hurt, which prompted me to then try it on my bikini line. It honestly worked really well. My hair was short having been shaved two weeks prior, but it still managed to remove the hair. It wasn’t too hot, and the container cleaned really easily by peeling the wax off." 

Image: Supplied. 


Kirsty, 45: "Very effective."

"As a woman who has been regularly self waxing since my teens, I found this product to be very effective. It was easy to heat in the microwave: I could use the amount of wax I wanted to use without wastage and most importantly, it worked!" 

Image: Supplied. 

Ana, 27: "I loved the smell."

"It was so easy to use. I hadn't used wax without strips before but the instructions were clear, and the application and removal process was easy enough.


"I also loved the smell of the product and how cleanly it removed the hair. It wasn't patchy at all which is amazing."

Zerin, 33: "I've never seen anything like this before."

"Great for my face and nose. I even tried it on my Mum and she loved it, along with my niece, who is new to hair removal and it didn't hurt her. 

"It's easy and not messy. I've never seen anything like this before!"

Sarah-Jane, 31: "Love the smoothness of the wax."

"I really enjoyed using this product. The wax itself had a beautiful feeling. It smelled amazing without being overly fragranced, and did exactly what it promised — removed the hair. 

"I absolutely love the smoothness of the wax: it was a very smooth application and my skin felt so silky afterwards."

Image: Supplied.


Tarryn, 35: "So much more affordable."

"I waxed my fingers and toes first as a tester and then went on to wax my forearm hair which I have never waxed before. 

"I liked using it and thought that it was so much more affordable than going somewhere to get it done. Once I found the right temperature and got used to the product, it was easy to use."

Natalie, 39: "Beautiful and premium looking."

"Once I got the hang of it, it was great. I tried it on my brows, sides of my face, legs, and it did a great job everywhere. It got all the hairs and was quick and not too painful. 

"It was so straight-forward for a waxing novice to use! And the branding is beautiful and premium looking."

Emily, 41: "I love this product."

"I love this product. It was so easy to use: the wax beads melted really well, and the wax removed the hair really smoothly and I had no skin irritation. 

"The different size application sticks are really handy for different areas. I wax my bikini area and my under arms so the smaller sticks were ideal. It was a very clean waxing process. Other wax products I’ve used seem to be messier and I find random bits of wax stuck in odd places."

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