Former One Nation candidate refuses to apologise for anti-gay comments, so we did it for her.

Political candidate Shan Ju Lin was dismissed from the One Nation party on Saturday after she posted a statement on Facebook which included the phrase “gays should be treated as patients” .

The message was posted above an article about a homosexual couple who were accused of sexually abusing their foster child in 2011.

The article did not mention how the men were later cleared of all charges in 2014 and how they went on to launch a multi-million dollar lawsuit linked to the case.

The comment read: “Abnormal sex behaviour leads to abnormal crime. Gays should be treated as patients, they need to receive treatments.”

(Source: Facebook via the ABC)

Ju Lin has since told the ABC she will not apologise for the comments made on Friday as she does not believe they were in any way homophobic.

"The gay community always say they are born like that… the best way to know if they're born like that, they at least need to have a medical consultation so they know if they're born like that or not," she said.

Well, Ju Lin, I don't mean to sound like I'm on a Year Eight debate team, but the Oxford dictionary defines homophobia as a "dislike of or prejudice against homosexual people."

Now, I'm not going to say you dislike homosexuals, but your comments were offensive, anti-gay and hurtful.

As a gay person myself, I'm just going to go ahead and consider them homophobic. Soz.


But don't sweat it. Since you've confirmed that you won't apologise for your remarks, I've decided to apologise on your behalf.

Let's begin.

Oh and for those of you playing at home, I'm just going to re-iterate that the following quotes do not belong to Shan Ju Lin.

But until she steps up to the plate and apologises herself, this will have to do.

Quotes invented for satirical purposes. (Source: Facebook)

What, Ju Lin? Are you sure?

Quotes invented for satirical purposes. (Source: Facebook.)

But why would you say such a thing?

Quotes invented for satirical purposes. (Source: Facebook.)

But, doesn't it seem a bit ironic you're using child welfare to defend your statements?

Quotes invented for satirical purposes. (Source: Facebook)

That's okay. It can sometimes be difficult to consider how others are treated when you are so far removed from their communities.

Quotes invented for satirical purposes.(Source: Facebook.)

You are so welcome, Ju Lin.

It's important that while we turn the other cheek, we also use our listening ears to hear how our actions affect others.

The former candidate has publicly responded to the controversy by releasing a statement on Facebook that says her comments were a "natural reaction to child sexual abuse."

Comments on her posts continue to push a homophobic agenda. I suggest not reading them after a heavy meal.

Click through our full fantasy apology below.