Another lunchtime legend - and this time it's mum.

Her son refused to eat his school lunches, so she pulled out the big guns.

Grace Hall was sick of her son’s school lunches coming home untouched. At first the 32-year-old mum from Winchester in the UK found the waste of food frustrating, then she became incredibly concerned at his general lack of appetite.

Grace and "Small Child" whipping up one of her amazing creations

An accountant and artist, Grace decided to pull out the big guns. Inspired by the bento-style lunch boxes seen in Japan, she designed school lunches her son would actually eat using his favourite movies and characters as inspiration and guess what? Her son eats them all. She told the Daily Mail, "These days he is much more enthusiastic about his food and will eat pretty much everything - except celery."

The beauty of these lunches is that they are actually easy to recreate. Simple things like using lunch boxes with little sections, placing a cute toy in the middle of a pile of raspberries or rolling ham slices and making patterns are common techniques she uses.

She has now created a blog filled with over 300 ideas. "The best comments on my blog come from mums who say their children have started eating foods they wouldn't touch before. To think that I am inspiring others and helping them to get their children eating healthy food makes me very happy."

Her son, nicknamed "Small Child" on the blog, loves watching his mum create his amazing lunches each day. "My son really loves the lunches. I make them while he is eating his breakfast and he is always peering over my shoulder, interested in what I am making for him each day. I know I've made a good one if he says it's cool."

Check out her most amazing creations so far and discover all of her ideas at

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