This one goes out to every girl who ever loved unicorns

These days, if a wedding ceremony doesn’t have sword fights or at least one superhero cameo, wedding guests must be wondering whether the bride and groom have really tried hard enough.

Especially when newlyweds Anna and Tim Schumacher set the bar so high.

The couple met at a festival called Burning Man, and share a love of fire, so they asked their friends Kat Green and Erik Rivas McGregor to create an original piece of fire art for their wedding in Vermont, USA.

Bride Anna pours herself a lemonade on her wedding day

What they got was a unicorn called Katy Perry that shoots fire, sneezes glitter and pees lemonade.

"We didn't give any specifications (besides "awesome"), but since I'm obsessed with unicorns and things that shoot fire, it was a bit of a no-brainer," Anna tells Offbeat Bride.

"Since I tend to go to parties encrusted in glitter and always have extra on hand for the under-sparkled, it made sense for our unicorn to have a glitter effect. Kat and Jesse built in a small air compressor to activate the 'glitter sneeze'.

"She was originally supposed to pee champagne, but Vermont liquor laws prohibit anyone who is not a licensed bartender from serving alcohol on public land, and we weren't able to get the unicorn licensed in time. Plus, we figured that with lemonade, the kids could also partake — and have something to talk about with their therapists later."

When timed correctly, Katy shoots fire and sneezes glitter at the same time. Oh yes, she does!

"And frankly, it's the best gift a unicorn-loving bride and her pyromaniac groom could ever ask for," Anna says.

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