Explained: Why one eyebrow always looks better than the other.

Whether you’re a beauty fanatic or not, you’ve likely seen the rather hilarious memes going round about eyebrows.

They revolve around the concept that one brow always looks perfect, while the other is seriously underachieving.


Turns out it’s not just you – there’s a reason behind it. According to PopSugar UK, it’s all to do with how we move our brows.

“If someone is very animated or expressive then the brows are rarely symmetrical as the muscles have pulled them in all kinds of directions over the years,” brow expert Amy Jean of Amy Jean Eye Couture, who’s tweezed the likes of Naomi Campbell, Delta Goodrem and Danii Minogue, told Mamamia.

Raising one eyebrow more than the other over an extended period of time will make that muscle stronger, which can make the arch look higher.


Anyone else considering adding ‘brow squats’ to their exercise regimen?

Your sleeping position can also make a difference.

“Our faces are not symmetrical which causes the difference in brows and a lot of us tend to sleep on one particular side which over time could cause a difference,” explains brow expert and owner of Final Touch Brows Studio, Danielle Kurukchi.


Squashing one side of your face into a pillow consistently can apparently affect growth of your brows. (Post continues after gallery.)

Hair growth itself can vary from person to person and also depends on our body habits which affect the length, shape and texture of our brows.

Don’t be alarmed though – a close look at any part of your body will reveal that everything is less symmetrical than you think. From nostrils to boobs to feet to eyes, it’s actually quite common for “pairs” to be different sizes.

“No-one, I mean no-one has perfect symmetry. It’s border line creepy if you do. Brows don’t have to be perfect or ‘twins’,” says Jean.

Trying to make them otherwise is an impossible task. Almost.

Always have a brow professional look after your brows. They know the correct starting points and how to make your brows appear as similar as possible and they will advise on what is most flattering for your individual face,” says Kurukchi. (Post continues after gallery.)

“If you know what you are doing yourself – that’s great – but if not, do not attempt to try shaping your brows without visiting a professional first and keeping up regular appointments.”

Getting symmetrical-looking brows is less about removing the hair and more about working the illusion with products.

“I also find, if at home, standing further away from the mirror is a good idea when shaping or adding product as sometimes when you stand too close you remove hair that you need or add too much product and then the brows look ‘painted’ on,” she says.

Powder, wax, gel or pencil – pick your arsenal and go forth to fleekness. Or, just embrace your brows for the distant cousins that they are.

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What’s your holy grail brow product?