One dead after Ohio amusement park ride hurtled people through the air.

Content warning: This post contains visual footage some readers may find distressing.

A swinging and spinning amusement park ride has broken apart in Ohio, hurtling people through the air, killing at least one and injuring seven others.

Three of those injured on the opening day of the Ohio State Fair are in a critical condition in hospital.

Dramatic video captured by a bystander shows the ride swinging back and forth like a pendulum and spinning in the air when it crashes into something and part of the ride flies off, throwing riders to the ground.

A company providing rides at the fair this year describes the Fire Ball as an “aggressive thrill” ride.

Director of Agriculture David Daniels says all of the rides are checked several times when they are being set up to ensure they are set up the way the manufacturer intended.

“We started out today with 11 rides that did not open because the inspection work was not done on them,” said Daniels, adding that four rides will not be operating because they do not meet the mechanical test.

Ride inspectors said the Fire Ball ride was inspected at a couple of different stages and was signed off on Wednesday.

Republican Governor John Kasich has ordered that all of the rides be shut down until additional safety inspections can be completed.

“The fair is about the best things in life, and tonight with this accident it becomes a terrible, terrible tragedy,” he said.

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