Pole vaulter responds to the unfortunate penis incident that got in the way of his Olympic dream.


In case you missed it, Japanese pole vaulter Hiroki Ogita’s dream of winning gold at the Olympics was crushed yesterday when a part of his body collided with the pole vault bar.

Just to make the incident even more uncomfortable, this body part was Ogita’s penis. Ouch.

Ogita was able to clear the height of the pole vault bar on his second attempt but was only able to finish on 5.45 metres, which was inadequate to progress any further in the event.

Because the internet cannot get enough of videos of men getting hurt in their privates, the media went into a frenzy.

Hiroki Ogita has taken to Twitter to comment on the incident.

“I never expected the foreign media to take me down like this,” one tweet read, according to the BBC’s translation.

Ogita insists that the media’s claim that his penis dislodged the pole vault bar are untrue.

“It’s one thing if it was true, but I have to say I’m pretty devastated that they’d go so far to make something up to mock and ridicule me so much,” Ogita tweeted.

Pole vaulting coach David Yeo agrees with Ogita.

“He had already pressed on the crossbar so much,” Yeo told the BBC. “The crossbar was bound to dislodge.”

“I think it was just the crumpling of the fabric which happened at the wrong position.”

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Despite his disappointment with the media, Ogita recognises that there is no such thing as bad publicity.

“To be honest, it’s pretty rough, but I guess I’m in the spotlight so this might be some kind of opportunity,” Ogita tweeted.

“I’ll do my best and get the results so that I get the last laugh.”

Ogita hopes that commentators are not making a mockery of his sport.

“It doesn’t matter if you do it for a joke or whatever, I ask you to go and watch an actual game at a stadium for once. I hope you appreciate, even a bit, what a great sport pole vaulting is,” Ogita tweeted.

Despite Ogita’s embarrassment, he also sees the funny side of the incident.

“Watching again, this is pretty funny, if I say so myself,” Ogita tweeted. “LOL.”

* Feature image via Imgur.