When a guy mocked this US gymnastics team beach photo, the internet bit back hard.

The United States Olympic gold-medal winning gymnastic team is made of five of the greatest gymnasts of all time.

They are world class athletes that have trained their entire lives to compete on the world stage. They are the perfect mix of talent, strength, power, and determination.

Quite simply, they’re badasses. But that, apparently, is not enough to stop strangers on the internet from criticising their bodies.

On Saturday, 19-year-old Simone Biles, who’s been called the best gymnast of all time, and her teammates Madison Kocian, 19, and Aly Raisman, 22 enjoyed a well-earned leisure day after weeks of competition. Biles posted a photo on Instagram and Snapchat of the three Olympians wearing bikini’s on the beach in Rio.

Rio beach day ????

A photo posted by Simone Biles (@simonebiles) on


Now, if you’re like me you’re probably saying to yourself, ‘Damn, that’s a whole lot of abs!’

But not everyone was impressed. A guy on Twitter decided to screenshot Biles’ snap and repost it adding “Y’all find this attractive? lmaaoo.”

Daniel's tweet has since been deleted. Probably due to the fact that he got torn a new one by the internet.

But it was a tweet from Crystal McDuffy, who according to BuzzFeed is a student at the University of Florida, that perfectly surmised the situation.

In one sentence she was able to explain that last week in addition to their team gold medal, Kocian also won a silver and Raisman won two silvers

In one sentence she was able to explain that Biles with her four gold and one bronze medals, was chosen to carry the American flag at the closing ceremony.

In one sentence she was able to explain that Biles, Kocian, and Raisman abs are strong, toned and impressive because they're world-class athletes not because they're trying to impress some guy.

Mic drop.

The door is that way.