Meet the real hero of the 2016 Rio Olympic games.

The Olympic games are a time when the world is introduced to superheroes. Athletes like Michael Phelps, Mack Horton and Cate Campbell swim like they’re not human. Simone Biles flips through the air like the laws of gravity don’t apply to her.

But while the athlete’s dedication and ability is to be applauded, there is man behind the scenes who is getting a fair share of the attention.

Of course I’m talking about Eric, the man whose job it is to hand out condoms in the Olympic village.

Finally sexual health heroes are getting the recognition they deserve.

SB Nation reporter Rodger Sherman shared a picture of Eric wearing a huge bag of condoms around his neck with the caption: “Meet Eric, the guy whose job it is to walk around the Olympics with a big sack of condoms”.

According to The Guardianthe International Olympic Committee have supplied 450,000 condoms for the more than 10,000 athletes competing in the 2016 Rio Olympics. That works out to 42 condoms per athlete, the most supplied in Olympic history (only 150,000 were provided in London).

That’s more than enough for hookups and challenges. (Post continues after video):

Video via Videos Whatssap

In addition to great men and women like Eric handing them out, those 450,000 condoms, which includes 100,000 female condoms) are also distributed by handy machines like these:

But apparently the giant green free condom vending machines, which are located in the food hall and in various lounges around the Olympic village, are not for the shy.

“You have to turn the thing and it is really loud,” New Zealand equestrian athlete Clarke Johnstone told USA Today. “I just sort of went in and got a couple and then left, to be honest.”

For those not willing to publicly fight with a loud, central located condom machine, condom guys like Eric are probably the better option. Sherman tried to talk to Eric and find out a bit more about what the life of an Olympic condom guy entails, but Eric is nothing if not professional.

Here’s to the hardest working man at the Olympics.

Get that guy a medal!