Olivia Wilde doesn't want your praise for going "makeup-free".

Last time we heard from Olivia Wilde, she spoke some truths about motherhood that made us want to befriend her immediately.

Now, the actress has applied her characteristic frankness to the topic of movie-making — more specifically, just how much effort goes into making actresses look flawless on the big screen.

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The 31-year-old, who is engaged to Saturday Night Live‘s Jason Sudeikis, appears makeup-free in the upcoming film Meadowland, and somewhat predictably people have hailed this as a “brave” move.

Wilde and her bare face on the set of Meadowland


"It's so silly," Wilde told Huffpost Live. "I don't hear people calling men brave for not wearing foundation."

You don't need to be a Hollywood insider to know expertly-applied makeup, with constant touch-ups, makes actors look a little more perfect than unusual when they're on screen. Yet it can be easy to underestimate just how many more tricks production crews use to make each scene look impeccable.

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You very rarely hear actors openly discussing these cinematic techniques, but Wilde — admittedly, a very beautiful woman as it is — wants her fans and viewers to be aware that this kind of visual perfection is almost impossible to achieve in real life. (Post continues after gallery.)

Last month, she Tweeted a behind the scenes photo from one of her sets, writing, "Don't compare yourself to actors. You too would look "perfect" with a giant wall of soft light following you around."

Wilde, who gave birth to her first son Otis last year, elaborated on this point in her interview with Huffpost Live.

"I feel like when I was an adolescent, that [message] would've been illuminating for me. I would've appreciated someone letting me know that none of this is real," she said.

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"People are at home watching movies, thinking they're supposed to look a certain way — that kind of flawless nature that Hollywood promotes in some films."

We love just about anything that comes out of this woman's mouth. Nice one, Olivia Wilde.