Olivia Palermo's wedding beauty look. Swoon

Images: Johannes Huebel Instagram.

Shorts. Jumpers. Ponytails.

They’re not the fashion or beauty items you usually associate with weddings, but American socialite Olivia Palermo has married her partner of six years wearing exactly that unusual combination.

And she looked amazing.

The former reality show star shared photos and details of her delightful wedding on her blog, including how she chose her metallic smoky eye and rose pink lip beauty look.

“I wanted the makeup to be light and fresh and more focused about the lashes while keeping the eyes clean. My hair was in an uncontrived Pony Tail, one of my favorite personal looks,” writes Palermo.

In a wedding combination that possibly no one has ever paired together, the 28-year-old styled a cream cashmere jumper with white shorts and a full tulle skirt overlay, all by wedding designer Carolina Herrera.

The result? A stunning, celebrity wedding game-changer. It felt like a nod to fictional style queen Carrie Bradshaw, especially how she added a pair of cobalt satin Manolo Blahniks for her “something blue.”

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