A momentous style first happened on The Bachelor last night.

Impromptu singing. Poetry. Rose-eating. Episode one of The Bachelor was full of the deeply romantic hilarious moments we love it for.

But there was one momentous first that you may not have noticed, and it had us fairly excited.

Friends, makeup artist Olena made The Bachelor history last night: She’s the first woman to wear a jumpsuit during the initial meet and greet session with the Bachelor.

Olena The Bachelor

Olena in her jumpsuit glory. Image: Channel 10.

That’s right - no sequinned frock, tulle-heavy dress or colourful frilly thing.

Rewrite the history books - the jumpsuit is now considered Bachelor-appropriate attire. (Post continues after gallery.)

About time.

She looks fabulous in the navy thigh-splitty number, doesn’t she?

Good on her for breaking out of the fashion shackles to do something a little bit different. A little bit unusual, you know?

Olena The Bachelor

Image: Channel 10.

23-year-old Olena, who says her mother has “given up on her ever having children”, was wearing the Palazzo Jumpsuit from Amy Taylor’s collection.

You can buy it here and it’ll set you back $420 (formal jumpsuits don’t come cheap).

That ridiculously glorious necklace? It’s House of Emmanuele and costs $850.

The earrings are by the same brand and those lovely strappy gold heels are courtesy of Forever New.

The delights of Olena don’t end at her wardrobe either - she also has a love for Maya Angelou quotes. Keeper.

Olena hits Richie right in the feels! #TheBachelorAU

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Image: Channel 10

Did you watch last night's epidode of The Bachelor?

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