Olena posts her first Instagram photo since The Bachelor started.

It’s been a seven month drought, but the heavens have opened and the likes are here.

The Bachelor contestant Olena Khamula has shared her first Instagram photo since January.

The image is a split picture taken by Sydney photographer Jimmy Tsang, and not surprisingly, it’s stunning.

Source: Instagram/OlenaKhamula

So what? you ask.

Well, Insta-savvy Bachelor fans will know following the contestants on the social media platform is a goldmine for clues.

It's perhaps even more of a giveaway than reading the interviews given by tongue-tied contestants.

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Video via Channel 10

The girls who were eliminated in earlier rounds regularly post, while those who have made it to the later stages have been under a cone of silence.

Until now.

Contestant Megan also broke her own six-month posting drought today with an image of her relaxing with a friend.

The post was captioned with a cryptic tongue-in-cheek message for friends and fans.

Source: Instagram/Megan.Leto.Marx.


"So if you haven't noticed I've been off Insta for a while... mainly just doing things like this. Luff ya all," she said.


Even the "villain" of the season, Keira, made her first post since March last week, a short Snapchat video that captured the blonde chatting to her fans with a golden filter enabled.

Keira has since uploaded another post with a behind-the-scenes look at a shoot she did with OK! magazine.

Featured image: Screengrab/Channel 10.