ROADTEST: My honest verdict on Ole Henriksen's most potent product yet.

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If you’re anything like me, your eyes light up at the release of a new potent product.    

It will come as no shock to you that mine did for the new Ole Henriksen Dewtopia 20% Acid Night Treatment. Twenty! Per cent!   

This is usually to my detriment, because I was cursed with what a facialist once described to me as a “pale, allergic skin type.”   

I certainly don’t have tough skin, but I’m obsessed with that shiny forehead look you only get after a great acid exfoliation. 

It’s a recipe for disaster. Or shall I say, was a recipe for disaster. 

Since we’re talking about me though, let’s talk about my skin. I’m 33, and I get breakouts and sensitivity, plus I’m trying to treat some hyperpigmentation from sun damage (growing up in Australia… sigh). 

Ole Henriksen's Dewtopia is a serum you apply at night (as the name suggests), evenly to face and neck. 

If you’re new to skincare acids, I’d phase it in slowly by starting at once per week and working up to 2-3 times per week or more, over the course of the next month or two. 

If you’re not new to acids, you can start at 2-3 times per week and see how you go from there. I also definitely suggest patch testing, which is where you apply some to your forearm and leave overnight, prior to slathering all over your face. 

It’s important to know that this product may increase your skin’s sensitivity to the sun, and particularly the possibility of sunburn (that’s because it contains AHAs). 


So take a leaf from my book: use a daily sunscreen, wear protective clothing, and limit sun exposure while using this product and for a week afterward. 

But you’re doing that anyway, right friends? Right? 

*Also I’m so sorry, but the SPF in your foundation doesn’t count. I learned the hard way, and I have the underlying sun damage to show for it.)

In the lead-up to trying Dewtopia, I didn’t exfoliate for a week. 

I wanted to be careful. I needn’t have worried, though, because it’s surprisingly gentle! 

The magic is partly in the specific acids – the most abundant is a very gentle PHA (polyhydroxy acid) called Gluconolactone, which has antioxidant properties and hydrates as it exfoliates. 

Gluconolactone even helps protect skin from glycation! The 20% acids is made up of 10% AHAs (glycolic and lactic acid), and 10% PHAs (gluconolactone and gluconic acid). 

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In case you’re new to PHAs, they’re the next generation of exfoliating acids with comparable exfoliation benefits, only gentler. 

There are some gorgeous supporting ingredients, too – for soothing and hydrating we have Aloe Vera Juice, Cotton Water, Nordic Birch Sap, Chamomile, while Liquorice Extract brightens and calms. It also smells delightful, like lemon meringue to me. A joy to use. 

Image: Supplied. 

I’ve been applying at night, twice per week, for 3 weeks now. 


I do my double cleanse, apply my eye cream, then go in with 2-3 pumps of Dewtopia on clean, dry skin.

It does leave a slight film, so I’d recommend using moisturiser immediately afterward to avoid sticking to your pillow, but you don’t have to! It’s very hydrating used alone, too. 

There’s a tingle for me on application that quickly dissipates, and importantly, I don’t feel any residual heat in my skin the next day! 

The heat thing often happens to me (particularly around my cheeks) the day after using strong actives. 

What I do notice, though, is that glassy, clear forehead I crave!

Before using! Image: Supplied. 

Here I am, makeup-free on July 8th – the stress acne will not leave me alone, and I feel tight but greasy, a classic sign of dehydrated skin. 

Keep in mind, my iPhone camera reduces redness. It’s more red in person.

After using! Image: Supplied. 


And here I am, first thing in the morning on July 28th (I brushed my eyebrows for this one) – breakouts are all but banished, skin is clear and hydrated, but much less greasy. 

Over time, it’s helping to keep the pores clear on my nose (don’t worry, everyone’s nose pores build-up, it’s totally normal!). 

I’ve had a lot of stress breakouts lately, too, and those are on their way out. Breakouts have always been a fine like to walk for me, because harsh treatments tend to make it worse and create other issues.

But this product. Woah. This has been wonderful! 

After using! Image: Supplied. 

My skin is bouncy, hydrated but not slick. The secret is in the balance between exfoliating and replenishing ingredients. As for wrinkles… I’ve never been an outdoor person so at 33, I only really get visible fine lines when my skin is dehydrated – can confirm that I’ve not noticed any since using Dewtopia. 

After 3 weeks with my new love, I’m loving the new Ole Henriksen Dewtopia Night Serum, and I can’t wait for you to try it too. It’s giving my skin exactly what it needs to glow. 

Feature Image: Supplied/Instagram @ms_hannah_e

Wake up in Dewtopia: This potent retexturizing serum cocoons skin and reveals a significantly smoother, renewed, brighter complexion. The secret is in the balance between exfoliating and replenishing ingredients: It contains 10% AHAs and 10% PHAs: chemical exfoliants to help reveal softer, smoother skin, plus birch sap, cotton water and aloe juice: to help nourish and condition skin.