Melissa55 is the next big thing in beauty vlogging. And she's 60 years old.

Image via YouTube (Melissa55).

While YouTube is a fantastic source of beauty inspiration, it can be a little disheartening when all you can find are tutorials featuring twenty-somethings or teenagers.

Enter 60-year-old “Melissa55”, the grandmother gaining a lot of beauty kudos.

Brought to public attention by Jezebel, Melissa has two children, seven grandchildren, and a casual 10,000 subscribers.

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I think we can all agree that this definitely puts her in contention for the coolest nana ever. Off camera, Melissa is all about family, while online her aim is also an inspiring one.

“I feel like if we stick together in this ageing journey, we can lift up each other and grow older gracefully and beautifully,” she writes in her YouTube bio.

While she posts videos on a range of topics including, it’s her beauty tips and advice that her followers love most.

The Tennessee local has posted several videos addressing rumours that she has lied about having “help” like surgery, botox or fillers, and promises the only treatment she gets is an eyebrow wax.

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So how does she keep her skin looking so good?

In a video called “My Skincare Journey”, Melissa reveals that she started caring for her skin from the age of 14 and never uses moisturiser, instead choosing to care for her skin using Retin-A and Retinol, ingredients commonly found in acne treatments and anti-ageing serums.


“On ageing skin, I feel like moisturiser and things like that can weigh your skin down and make it sag,” she says.

While we’re not exactly sure this is true, Melissa stresses that this is what works for her (so, ahem, it doesn’t necessarily mean it’s right fort you).

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The beauty YouTuber also has a number of handy hacks up her sleeve, including how to DIY your own eyelash extensions with individual falsies at home. (Post continues after video.)

Video via Melissa55

She’s friendly, genuine, responds to all of her comments and proves that real beauty isn’t limited to something as trivial as age. We can’t stop watching.

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