These old celebrity MySpace pages prove no one knew what to do with social media in the early 2000s.


My mother once taught me a very valuable lesson – never put anything in writing that you wouldn’t want seen on the front page of a national newspaper.

In the 21st century, that can roughly be translated to: don’t write stupid shit on MySpace, because it’s going to come back to bite you in the future.

MySpace was the early 2000’s form of social media that proved none of us knew what social media was – or how the Internet really worked. We battled friends over top eights, chose our profile song based on our mood and popularity was based solely on how many comments you’d get on your photos. It was a rough time to be a teenager.

A lot of celebrities weren’t so smart/media savvy back then.

Take Taylor Swift, for example. Her MySpace page was filled with blog posts to her fans dating back to 2006.

In one such post, eloquently titled ‘yayyyy’, she talks about the first time she was approached in the street by a fan.

“This was the first time someone had actually KNOWN who I was and MY NAME.  wow. I just walked over and hugged her, and said   ….“You’re the first person who’s ever done that, thankyou.”

taylor swift feat
Taylor Swift’s first MySpace profile picture. Image via Tumblr.

And Kim Kardashian? She was a Kimberly. Queen Kimberly, actually.

Ray J, the featured penis in her sex tape, was in her top eight. Never change, Queen Kimberly. Never. Change.

kim kardashian
Kim Kardashian’s MySpace page. Image via MySpace/Refinery29.

But the most horrendous (read: incredible) of all celebrity MySpace pages? Mad Max: Fury Road actor Tom Hardy. He posted photos of himself pouting with his hand down his pants. Selfies while cooking with the caption “I’m cooking a turkey yo” and his about me was next level ridiculous.

tom hardy
One of Tom Hardy’s excellent MySpace photos. Image via MySpace.

“I’m Grateful, arrogant self centred, tenacious, versatile, honest, honourable, loyal, loving, gentle, consistent, reliable, focussed, prideful, passionate and nuts. I have a head like a disco ball.

I could so easily be dead. My head is like a dangerous neighbourhood I should never be in it without an appropriate adult. left to my own devices I’ll crash the motor. I am a goldfish walking through a desert.”

Click through the gallery below for the best forgotten celebrity MySpace pages. Aren’t you so glad we all switched to Facebook?

H/T Refinery29.

What was your most embarrassing MySpace memory?

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