Why Aussie women are marrying later

Get the bridal botox ready girls. It turns out Aussie brides are old compared to the rest of the world.

Okay, we’re not quite botox old, but we are older than a number of other countries.

Check out this map:

The map was released by the United Nations and it shows that Aussie brides are around 27.9. Grooms are getting married later at 29.6.

In comparison, the average age of brides on some other countries is:

17.6 Niger

17.8 Mali

19 Madagascar

25.7 New Zealand

26.9 USA

However our brides are younger than:

Germany 30.7

UK 31

France 31.6

Jamaica 33

Interesting fact: men get married later in most countries.

Anyway, part of the reason Australian brides are older is because we are a developed nation. We're a rich country. It's those in developing nations that marry younger, often out of necessity. A good example of this is China. In most of China the average bridal age is 24.7 however in Hong Kong - were education and employment opportunities are greater - brides are waiting until 30.3 to get married.

Same too Australians are too busy pursuing higher education and establishing our careers to get married. We do get around to it, but we're making sure all our ducks are in a row first.

Aren't we sensible.

It is these same reasons why many of us are delaying motherhood.

The general consensus based on this map is that marriage is still a popular life choice for residents around the world, despite the fact half end in divorce.  "In all but a dozen or so countries, 80 percent of men and women have been married by age 49, and even more people commit to comparable or similar 'consensual unions,'" Priceonomics stated.

How old were you when you got married?