3 women tried the vitamin C moisturiser you're about to see everywhere.

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The list of buzzy new skincare ingredients on the market is not for the faint-hearted, whether you're a beauty lover or a beauty novice. That's why I firmly believe that relying on tried-and-tested ingredients is the way to go for visible results. 

As such, when looking for a new product, I turn to premium skincare ingredients. 

Take vitamin C: a powerhouse in skincare, known for her antioxidant properties that help protect the skin from environmental damage (she's talented, isn't she?). She's also versatile, brightens the complexion, promotes collagen production, and works tirelessly to fade dark spots.

So, naturally, when Olay introduced their dermatologist-recommended Luminous Niacinamide + Vitamin C Moisturiser ($69.99), we were more than ready to put it to the test. 

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By combining hardworking vitamin C with Olay's 99 per cent pure-grade niacinamide, this powerful blend provides antioxidants to reduce melanin production, hydrate the skin, and target dark spots. Olay's commitment to pure-grade niacinamide ensures visible improvements in brightening, evening skin tone, and spot reduction.

From Olay's clinical study involving 120 people, they observed a 46 per cent reduction in dark spots after 8 weeks of use, 2x brighter skin in just 28 days when compared to other basic, regular moisturisers and it penetrates 10 surface layers deep to reveal the skin's natural glow. Is there anything it CAN'T do?

Fast absorbing, and suitable for dry, dull skin, this moisturiser ticks all the right boxes. 

So how well does this moisturiser work? Three of us put it to the test.

Phoebe, Sensitive Skin.

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For reference, my skin has recently been through a lot. So, in order to get back on track, I've had to resort to simplifying my skincare routine.

I cut my serums out (I'm dramatic sometimes – you don't need to follow suit with this one) and swapped out my moisturiser for a new one – I mean I could hardly say no? 

Enter the Olay Vitamin C moisturiser, which is the product I've been road testing for the last 28 days. 


I applied the moisturiser every day, morning and night, after washing my face with a gentle cleanser. I layered it under my SPF and all my day-to-day makeup, allowing for a seamless application. 

BUT my biggest insecurities come on my no-makeup days, which is when my skin is on display, in all its glory. 

After the 28 days, I've noticed a significant difference in the appearance and brightness of my skin. From lacklustre to glowy, my skin is not the same as it was a month ago (special shout out goes to the vitamin C and niacinamide).

The product feels lightweight on the skin, absorbing quickly with no sticky residue. And it has a luxe scent that isn't overwhelming, which I particularly enjoyed. Desperate for repair, my skin has become much more soft and plump. 

From one sensitive skin girlie to another, I highly suggest.

Nicolle, Combination Skin.

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As a mother of two small children, I’m not really in a life stage where I have the mental capacity for an extensive 12 step skincare routine. 

So when I was given the opportunity to trial a moisturiser that I could use both morning and night, I jumped quite literally at the chance. And here’s how it went.

Firstly, I love a good thick moisturiser. The best part about the Olay Vitamin C moisturiser (besides the fact that it smells like summer) is that it’s just thick enough to have that feeling of luxury, yet still light enough to wear during the day. With combination skin – my T-zone can be quite oily and red, while the rest of my face is quite dry – I’m always looking for products that feel hydrating without making me too shiny.

Though I've always been steadfast in my commitment to cleansing and SPF protection, I must admit that moisturising has, at times, fallen by the wayside.


I had long believed that a moisturising SPF would suffice. However, I now realise that my skin has paid the price for this neglect. The convenience of using the same cream morning and night has enabled me to establish a consistent routine, resulting in revitalised skin. Redness has reduced, and the difference in hydration is really noticeable when I apply makeup.

The product not only strikes the ideal balance between luxury and lightness but also offers the simplicity of dual-use, which has undeniably enhanced the overall glow of my skin, making it a clear winner in my skincare arsenal. 

So, I wholeheartedly recommend it to my fellow mothers seeking an effective yet manageable skincare solution amidst the chaos that is parenting. 

Tara, Dry Skin.

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After a bad experience with overpriced vitamin C powder a few years ago, during which I combined too many acids and my skin flaked off, I was hesitant to dip my toe back into the vitamin C pool. However, this Olay product was a dream. And for a fraction of the price too. 

I applied it before my makeup and sunscreen in the morning. At night, after a shower where I had exfoliated and cleansed, I would apply a retinol, serum, and finally, the Olay Vitamin C moisturiser to soak in before bed.

The first thing that struck me was the smell – it's really pleasant and not overpowering at all. Most of the moisturisers I use have a strong or chemical scent, but this one was a joy to apply. The best part was how it sat on my skin – it's super light and absorbs quickly, so you're not left feeling oily or with a heavy layer as you sleep.

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After using it for 28 days, I noticed improvements in my skin. First off, my skin appeared more hydrated, with a lovely dewy and supple appearance. As a self-confessed dry skin girlie, those days are officially behind me.

Overall, my skin tone and texture were way more even – I was chuffed with the whole experience.

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