'I tried Olay's new hybrid serum and I have thoughts.'

Thanks to our brand partner, Olay

I’m a nervous skincare user. 

Working at Mamamia, I have access to all the latest beauty products, but I usually turn down the opportunity to trial them. 

I blame it on the great perioral dermatitis flare-up of 2022. It occurred straight after (and most likely related to) the birth of my third child, ruining plans for newborn photo shoots left, right and centre. After that, I became hyper-conservative when it comes to what I put on my face.

I rebranded as a 'skinimalist' (skin minimalist, very clever I know), but in reality, I’m just a massive scaredy-cat who doesn’t want to end up with a screaming red dermatitis moustache again.

But here we are in 2024, the baby is now a toddler, my hormones have calmed down and quite frankly... I’m getting older. My skin isn’t as plump and glowy as it used to be. I need a grown-up skincare regime, something to hydrate and blur out the fine lines, while protecting my temperamental skin barrier. 

The problem is figuring out where to start. The shelves at my local chemist are heaving with options, and every day Instagram introduces me to a new beauty brand I’ve never heard of before. 

As a nervous girlie, I want a brand name I can trust.

So I've picked up Olay’s Luminous Hyaluron + Niacinamide Serum ($59.99). There’s been a lot of hype around this multitasking serum online and around the Mamamia office. But with over 65 years of science behind the iconic Olay brand I felt comfortable giving it a try. 

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Here’s the low-down on this popular product...

What's it meant to do?

Olay’s Luminous Hyaluron Serum is clinically proven to instantly hydrate for plump and dewy skin. It’s not just a one-hit wonder though. Over two weeks of continuous use, the hydrating effect is meant to build up, and the result is visibly dewy and glowing skin.  

What's in it? 

The core ingredients in the serum are:

  1. Olay's Hyaluron complex, made up of hyaluronic acid, vitamin B5, and glycerin, which boosts skin hydration for 24 hours. 

  2. High purity niacinamide to strengthen the skin's barrier which locks in skin moisture for longer.

Despite the harsh-sounding name, hyaluronic acid serums are known for their gentle and soothing properties, making them suitable for sensitive skin types. Plus, Olay’s Luminous Hyaluron Serum has no added parabens, synthetic dyes, phthalates, mineral oil or fragrances. It’s also dermatologist recommended. 


The verdict. 

What does it feel like?

Image: Supplied. 

I used the serum for 28 days, morning and night. I stuck to my usual face wash and moisturiser, and didn’t switch up any of my makeup products, so I could see the results of the serum alone.

The luxe packaging includes a dropper so you can get the hydrating serum straight on your face without contamination or wasting precious drops on your fingertips.


On my face, it felt super silky. It’s very fast absorbing — I had to race to get a picture before my thirsty skin drank up the lightweight gel formula.

As a sensitive Sally, I avoided my trigger areas (under the nose and around my mouth) the first time I used the serum, but within the week, I was slathering it everywhere, no tingling or redness in sight.

What are the skin results?

Before and after using Olay's Luminous Hyaluron + Niacinamide Serum. Image: Supplied.

My skin immediately felt and looked hydrated. It’s not greasy, so it’s a plump glow rather than an oily shine, which I loved. 


Unfortunately, I’d chosen to start my trial at nighttime, and my husband was less interested in discussing the results, but I did make him touch my face, and he reluctantly agreed it was "super smooth".

Luckily, my Mamamia colleagues were much more forthcoming with compliments the next day. We all agreed I was glowing "like a lightly glazed donut". Yum.

It also passed the 'does it work under makeup' test: When using serums, I often find my mascara creeping down my cheek by the end of the day. Not the case here.

How are things looking after 28 days?

My skin feels juicy and bouncier overall, making the lines in my face look less prominent. I used up the whole bottle over 56 (generous) applications, but at $30 from Chemist Warehouse, that’s much more affordable than other serums.

Niacinamide is meant to help strengthen the skin moisture barrier. I’m sure that's a big part of the reason I didn’t have any flare-ups during the trial.

Surprisingly, this addition to my routine was easy to stick to. I found that noticing a visible difference after each application, helped me stay committed to using it regularly.

If your skin is feeling dull and you're seeking a product that can provide instant hydration, I highly recommend giving it a try.

Shop Olay's Luminous Hyaluron + Niacinamide Serum at Chemist Warehouse

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