"The $16 life-changing beauty product I found in the supermarket"

Oh, how I love my Olay.

Let me change your life in the smallest, cheapest and most wonderful way.

About seven years ago, I was introduced to Olay Complete Moisturising Lotion and I haven’t looked back. I got hooked after doing a classic Luxe Vs. Less story for Channel Nine’s A Current Affair. During the shoot, a beauty guru told me it was worth it.

Genuinely, perfectly WORTH IT. And it is.

Here’s three reasons why:

1. It’s perfect for sensitive skin.

I wear it every morning and no matter how much time I’ve had in the sun, in the pool or outdoors in the winter – it never stings, feels thick (or too watery, for that matter) and it leaves my skin feeling slightly dewy and properly moisturised. Not oily or like I’ve dipped my face in a plate of candle wax.

2. The SPF

When you live in Australia and you don’t have time to put on sunscreen, you must wear a moisturiser with an SPF. It’s a no-brainer. You just can’t afford not to. For your skin. For your life. Get on board.

3. It’s cheap

It retails for around $16.50 – I buy this moisturiser at the supermarket. That’s right. Nappies? Tick. Wipes? Tick. Groceries? Tick. Three bottles of Olay? Tick.

Buy Olay Complete Moisturising Lotion here.