Parents are shaming their kids' accidentally X-rated art on social media.


That’s lovely, honey.

Ah bless. There’s nothing quite like an unintentional Play-Doh phallus to appeal to our immaturity.

You’re little one comes over, ‘Mummy! MUMMY! Look what I’ve made!” Oh dear little, Tommy. It appears you have sculpted a lovely pair of bright orange balls.

“It’s a butterfly.”

“Of course it is”, you say, while stifling the giggles desperately trying to bubble over.

UK Mum Elletia Thomas had a very similar experience when her son brought home this rather spectacular Christmas card:

Image via Elletia Thomas Facebook/TheUnmumsyMum

While she undoubtedly smiled and told him it was wonderful at the time, Thomas later shared the photo on The Unmumsy Mum Facebook page, with the caption:
“My son’s Christmas card design. School want to know if I would like to pay £16 for a pack of cards and gift tags. Nothing says ‘Merry Christmas’ like Santa’s giant red cock, I suppose.”

But Santa’s ‘giant red cock’, Thomas assured Huffington Postis actually his big red sack… filled with presents to give nice boys and girls around the world. Duh.

Thomas’ photo kicked off a trend, and parents of Facebook were more than happy to share their own kids’ questionable artistic endeavours.

We give you: Inappropriate childrens’ art. It’s hilarious.

Video by The Unmumsy Mum

So much innocence.