Five things we believe will definitely happen to the Offspring characters this year.

When it comes to our favourite TV families, hardly any of them have experienced the level of drama and trauma as what Offspring‘s The Proudmans have dealt with.

In just six seasons, Nina, Billie, Jimmy and the rest of the gang have faced numerous pregnancy scares, affairs, job changes, births and even deaths.

nina proudman offspring season 7
What do you mean 'There's more drama on the way?' Image via Channel 10.

So with the news the show is set to return for a seventh season in just two weeks, The Binge hosts Laura Brodnik and Holly Wainwright wonder: What else could possibly go wrong?

Taking their clues from the first trailer for the new season, these are some things they decided will definitely, maybe go down when the show returns to our screens on June 28.

LISTEN: Holly and Laura predict what could possibly be in store for Offspring season seven.

1. Geraldine is 'done' with playing babysitter for the kids.

The new trailer opens with Geraldine telling Nina she's pulling a 'Geraldine Day' and wants to gather the entire family - no matter how loosely connected to The Proudmans they may be - for a special announcement.

geraldine offspring season 7
"Grandma duty is done, kiddos!" Image via Channel 10.

While her announcement does seem shocking for Nina and crew, it doesn't seem to be serious.

Our guess?

She's decided she's done being an almost full-time caregiver to her grandchildren, and is ready for some well-deserved time to herself. You do you, Geraldine.

2. Nina's relationship will be another rollercoaster ride.

It's pretty much a given that Nina can't have a stable relationship for too long.

In TV speak, love = boring, so as settled as Nina and new boyfriend Harry might seem come the season's premiere, there's bound to be a bit of *drama* throughout the season.

nina harry offspring season 7
What do you say we break up in episode three, and then reconcile in the season finale? Image via Channel 10.

Cue Nina's daughter, Zoe, who appears to walk in on Harry and Nina...doing the deed. Eek.


Add to that Nina's hesitation about letting her daughter get close to her new partner and...we're pretty sure we know where this is headed...

3. Billie will disappear again.

In the new trailer, Billie announces that she's off to London to see Mick. Does this mean she won't be back?

Is she gone for good?

Billie offspring season 7
The rule for Billie Proudman this season? "Use sparingly". Image via Channel 10.

Laura, for one, is not happy where Billie's story appears to be heading, after she was "made into a supporting character in her own story" for most of last season while she supported Brody through her surprise pregnancy.

While we wish it weren't true, we think Billie will be M.I.A. for most of season seven.

4. It won't end well for Zara and Jimmy.

Over the past few seasons, we've seen seemingly perfect couple Zara and Jimmy crash and burn.

By season seven, Zara's failed her medical degree, cheated on her husband and is now unsure of whether she even still wants to be a family.

jimmy zara offspring season 7
Is this the last season we'll see Jimmy and Zara together? SAY IT ISN'T SO! Image via Channel 10.

Season seven is not looking good for these two, that's for sure.

5. Patrick's ghost will finally 'walk into the light'.

Patrick's death will continue to be remembered as one of the most traumatising Australian TV moments of all time.

But two seasons later, his ghost is still haunting Nina.

patrick offspring season 7
No offence, Paddy, but WHY ARE YOU STILL HERE?! Image via Channel 10.

Will this season finally be the one where he and Nina stop having 'ghost sex' and he finally walks into the light?

Unless, of course, the show is planning on pulling a Game of Thrones and bringing him back from the dead.

Hey, stranger things have happened in the land of Offspring, right?

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